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About PUBG Mobile Lite BattleCoin BC Top-Up

PUBG MOBILE LITE built with Unreal Engine 4, smaller in size and compatible with more devices with less RAM, yet without compromising the amazing experience that attracted millions of fans around the world! PUBG MOBILE LITE features fast-paced matches and a smaller map made for 60 players, providing a more exhilarating combat experience in the traditional PUBG MOBILE setting. When duty calls, fire away freely on the battlefield for survival!

About PUBG Mobile Lite BattleCoin BC:

Battle Coins in PUBG Mobile Lite, abbreviated as BC, is a special in-game currency that can be earned by fulfilling objectives in the game.

About PUBG Mobile Lite BattleCoin BC:

  1. Select the BattleCoin BC denomination.
  2. Enter your PUBG Mobile Lite Login Details (Facebook,Play Game,VK).
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Once payment made, the PUBG Mobile Lite BC you purchased will be credited to your PUBG Mobile Lite Account shortly.

Important Information:

  1. Login Details is needed for PUBG Mobile Lite BC top-up Because Pubg Lite Direct Player ID TOP-UP Close.
  2. You may stay logged in throughout the transaction, once the top-up is completed, you will receive the BattleCoin in your PUBG Mobile Lite account.
  3. Please enter your Login Details correctly to avoid delay on BC top-up.
  4. Your All Details Fill Correct Then BC Transfer To Your Account 15 Min – 1 Hour

Additional information


90 BC, 285 BC, 480 BC, 975 BC, 2550 BC, 5250 BC, 10500 BC

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